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The Faint – Fasciinatiion

Previously posted on PopWreckoning.com on 8/4/2008:

Omaha favorites and underground dance-punk sensations The Faint are finally releasing their first album after a four year break. Fasciinatiion is completely do-it-yourself and is the first album the band has ever written, recorded, produced and released on their own via their blank.wav imprint. Even the album art is their own work.

Fans can still expect to break out their dance moves as this album is just as entertaining as the band’s previous releases, although a little slower and more reflective. The band delves deeper into electronica with this release and match the themes of the album by making vocalist Todd Fink sound even more robotic.

Single “The Geeks Were Right” gives a great taste for what the rest of the album sounds like as well as showing a primary lyrical theme of predicting the future. Fink sings, “When I saw the future / The geeks were right. / Predator skills, chemical wars, plastic islands at sea / Watch what the humans ruin with machines.” Interestingly the band separates themselves from society with these lyrics and refuse to be included with the rest of humanity.

This bleak outlook on humanity creates a very dark album. “A Battle Hymn For Children” looks at the costs of war, “Get Seduced” critiques our pop culture obsession, and “Mirror Error” moves from society to a more personal critique. As the band goes through more descending scales, the album descends deeper into its darkest themes.

The Faint did very well for their first time completely on their own and fans will not be disappointed after their long wait for new material. Fasciinatiion is released by blank.wav on August 5, 2008.

01. Get Seduced
02. The Geeks Were Right
03. Machine In The Ghost
04. Fulcrum And Lever
05. Psycho
06. Mirror Error
07. I Treat You Wrong
08. Forever Growing Centipedes
09. Fish In A Womb
10. A Battle Hymn For Children

Band Info: website | myspace

Written by: Bethany

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I <3 Omaha Music

Omaha isn’t that large of a city. By Nebraska standards, it is huge, but I am sure for people who have been to New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, Omaha is but a dot on the map. This is why I’m constantly amazed at the Omaha scene. New Yorkers expect to brush shoulders with the stars when they attend art openings, galas and concerts, so I’m impressed that Omaha has something like that going on here as well.

This past Friday there were a lot of cool things happening with Omaha music. My day was personally made when I got the chance to interview one of my favorite Omaha musicians, Todd Fink of electro rock group The Faint. Fink had a busy day because he was providing a live soundtrack to a silent horror film being shown over at Film Streams. That’s just like the way they did the music when silent films were in their prime. I think it is ridiculously awesome Omaha still does that stuff.

Later, I got the chance to run into Fink over at the Bemis Center, which was having an art opening followed by a concert in the basement. Along with Fink, almost all the members of the loveable tap dancing group Tilly and the Wall were in attendance. They were most likely their to support their guitarist who opened the show with his solo atmospheric music. Following him was the group I came to see, Fathr^, and he was joined by special guest Dapose, also of The Faint. I sipped some of the complimentary wine and let the waves of sound wash over me. Nothing like art, music and wine on a Friday night.

Saturday, marked the one year anniversary of Omaha’s Urban Outfitters, so they threw a birthday bash with live music from their employees. Talking Mountain, Honeybee and Tim Perkins filled out the roster. Perkins and Honeybee’s gentle tunes provided nice background music for perusing Urban’s sidewalk sale items. Talking Mountain demanded full attention as their bizarre wizard rock was presented by guys in fuzzy monster masks.

These events just made for a really fun weekend filled with great, cheap (aka free!) music presented in a way that it wasn’t just straight up concerts. I really do love Omaha music, not just for the bands, but also for the lovely scene that takes such good care of them.

Band Info:
The Faint: website | myspace
Tilly and the Wall: website | myspace
Fathr^: myspace
Talking Mountain: myspace
Honeybee: myspace
Tim Perkins: myspace