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The Chap – Mega Breakfast

Previously published on PopWreckoning.com on 7/10/2008:

Indie electronica group The Chap served up an odd dish for their third studio album Mega Breakfast. mega breakfast

I say odd because while I applaud the The Chap for their originality, which is so unique that it was actually quite difficult to classify them, at times it gets so different and weird that they leave their listener behind as they wander into new territory. The biography on the label Ghostly International‘s website describes The Chap saying that they “have never been influenced by anyone or anything at any time, ever.” A bold statement, but for the most part true. There are vibes of other artists like the Talking Heads, but The Chap throw in so many weird twists to their music that it is hard to compare them to anyone else.

The album as a whole is very theatrical and features dance beats, big string movements and repetitive vocal chants littered with random sound effects. While you might expect to hear tracks most of the tracks in a club, others like “Fun and Interesting” have choruses that seem like they were lifted right out of a musical.

Lyrically, the album leaves something to be desired. It is ironic that on “Caution Me” the band says, “Develop a voice which is annoying,” which is exactly what happens: it gets annoying.

My recommendation is to check this out for the novelty of it, but do so in small doses. A song here and there to play at a party, but not necessarily something to have playing in your car stereo all the time. Perhaps give a few of the tracks like “Uss Wuss” and “Ethnic Instrument” a try to see if you like it.

The Chap’s Mega Breakfast was released July 1, 2008 by Ghostly International.

01. They Have a Name (download)
02. Fun and Interesting
03. Caution Me
04. Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley (download)
05. Surgery
06. Take It in the Face
07. Ethnic Instrument
08. Proper Rock
09. The Health of Nations
10. Uss Wuss
11. I Saw Them
The Chap: website | myspace
Ghostly International: website

Written by: Bethany


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