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iTunes Early Release of Low Vs. Diamond Debut Album

Previously published on PopWreckoning.com on 7/14/2008:

Low vs. Diamond is more than just a Los Angeles band, but an American band. All of the members hail from cities ranging from west coast to east coast. From Washington (vocalist/guitarist-Lucas Field) to New Jersey (lead guitarist-Anthony Polcino and bassist-Jon Pancoast).

With musical influences like U2 and the Strokes that are as diverse as their hometown backgrounds, Low vs. Diamond are clearly channeling those that passed before them. However, despite these influences Low vs. Diamond remain unique with their intimacy achieved by their extra attention to detailed songwriting giving them a complexity matching the song styling of Serge Gainsbourg, Burt Bacharach and even Broadway. Lyrically, Lucas weaves in themes dealing with family (such as “Actions Are Actions” and “Don’t Forget Sister”,) and stories about saying farewell to love (“Heart Attack” and “Wasted).”

Kevin Bronson from The Los Angeles Times explains it best, writing that the band “stands precipitously between overwrought melancholy and chimey hopefulness, avoiding both excesses, the band’s music plays to an optimism that stops short of outright glee.”

As a favorite iTunes act of 2008, iTunes has chosen them as part of their “Next Big Thing” program and is offering the band’s upcoming self-titled album for purchase before its release this summer. An uncompromising powerful record full of cinematic tracks, LOW VS. DIAMOND is now available for purchase on iTunes. A band The Sun, NME, The Los Angeles Times, Paste Magazine and Time Out London all praised as a band to watch in 2008. With a stop at the Pemberton Festival in Vancouver, Canada this July, you can catch the band on tour throughout the rest of the year.

Low Vs. Diamond: website | myspace
Audio:Heart Attack


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