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Ghostland Observatory – Robotique Majestique

Previously published on PopWreckoning.com on 7/12/2008:

Ghostland Observatory describes their style as a “robot making love to a tree,” so it is fitting that their third album would be called Robotique Majestique. However, with such a promisingly unique description, this Austin duo failed to deliver more of the exciting electro funk offered on their previous releases.

This is music that is supposed to make you want to move around and there are a few tracks that do that. “Heavy Heart” is a welcome track after the instrumental “Opening Credits” that sound like they should be the theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey. “Heavy Heart” has a pulsated rhythm provided by drummer Thomas Turner and Freddie Mercury style vocals from vocalist Aaron Behrens. In contrast to the first song, I would expect this song on the soundtrack to Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Another song worth listening to is “Dancing On My Grave,” which slows things down, but still keeps up with energy. This is impressive because some of the faster tracks on the album feel like they are lacking energy.

The whole album acts as a blast from the past with its synthesizer heavy parts. However, because it does borrow a lot from the past, you might be better off just listening to some original 70s or 80s music.

The main problem with this album is that after awhile all the weird spacey sound effects get repetitive as do Behrens’ vocals, which get really annoying after awhile. If you try to listen to this album in full, you’ll feel inclined to space out instead of hearing the space and robot sounds. The band’s first two albums were a lot more fun and energetic, but for a third album release, this just disappoints.

Robotique Majestique was released by Trashy Moped Recordings.

01. Opening Credits
02. Heavy Heart
03. No Place For Me
04. Freeheart Lover
05. Dancin’ On My Grave
06. Robotique Majestique
07. The Band Marches On
08. Holy Ghost White Noise
09. HFM
10. Club Soda

Ghostland Observatory: Website | Myspace
Trashy Moped: Website

Written by: Bethany


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