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From Bubblegum to Sky – A Soft Kill

Previously published on PopWreckoning.com on 6/3/2008:

From Bubblegum to Sky is a delicious surprise. I had never heard of this band and my first thought was that the name sounded really cheesy and this would be a group that would produce really shallow music. I believed the guitar riffs sounded like a weird mix of Hawaii 50210 meets Willy Wonka and vocally sounded like a Tegan and Sara knock-off. But the music was catchy, nonetheless, and I fortunately decided to give From Bubble Gum to Sky’s third album another listen.

A Soft Kill, is actually the result of an elaborate solo project of Mario Hernandez. Hernandez grew up in Japan immersed in Japanese pop, which inspired him to release an album with a bubbly sound paired with a high pitched vocals. Hernandez brilliantly counters this sugary sound with bitter lyrics. He sings of difficult departures, personal failings and his inner demons.

His presentation leaves the listener feeling as if all this brooding occurs while sharing beers with friends. Some of the tracks like “I Always Fall Apart” and “The Flash” would even make good pub songs with sing-along “bop bops” and “sha-la-las.” However, don’t be deceived by the jangly guitar as Hernandez sings lines like “We drown ourselves in death” and “Don’t count on God or on sunny rays.”

To best get a taste of Hernandez’s juxtaposition listen to title track “A Soft Kill” in which he says, “Don’t say you love me,” but you’ll find that with the catchy guitar in which he pairs his dark lyrics, it is hard not to love something about From Bubblegum to Sky.

Look for From Bubblegum to Sky’s A Soft Kill on June 3, 2008 through Eenie Meenie Records as a digital download or vinyl LP.

01. Say Goodbye
02. My Je M’appelle
03. A Soft Kill
04. Even the Sunbeams
05. Flies on the King of Failed
06. The Flash
07. I Always Fall Apart
08. Guest Relations
09. Jet Plane
10. Captain Tennille
11. Downtown or Up

Tour Dates:
June 13-NYC Popfest at Pianos/NY, NY
June 15-Red and Black Bar/Washington D.C., Washington D.C.
June 19-Union Hall/Brooklyn, NY

From Bubblegum to Sky: website | myspace
Eenie Meenie Records: website


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