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Update fail

You know how this works by now. I promise I’ll do better updating. Heck, I even tease a promise for a big life update and then I just fail.

Well, I didn’t really fail. I actually have been updating, this, I just haven’t been posting for public view.

You see, that big life update I promised? I haven’t delivered it because my life was crazy in a thrilling way for awhile, but now I’m back to exactly where I was before. How can my promised ‘update’ be an update if in the end, nothing has changed?

I guess that isn’t entirely true. I did manage to finally get over someone I hadn’t completely let go of thanks to the energy required to sort out the stuff from the past months. I have some guilt because said person that I got over still wants to be ‘besties’ or something with me, but I honestly feel like it is talking to some random stranger now. Like we randomly found each other briefly on chatroulette and at any second one of us could hit next and it wouldn’t matter. Because that was a stranger and you don’t have to ever see them again.

This post doesn’t make any sense. This is what happens when you blog under the private setting for months with a stream of consciousness style. Maybe hitting public was a bad idea? Oh well. Deal.

If you do want daily updates from me without fail, btw, you should just follow me on twitter: @glowah


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