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My Personal Oscars

I actually love cinema just as much as I love music. I see films of all genres and do a fairly decent job keeping up with what’s in theaters. I’m also a sucker for the film awards shows because they seem to do a better job being fair with their nominations that the music award shows such as the Grammys.

The Academy Awards are March 7 and for the first time ever, there are 10 nominees for best picture. This is both exciting and a problem. It is exciting because I’m trying to watch all of these nominees. Ten supposedly excellent films? Fantastic. It is a problem because I’m trying to watch all of these nominees. Ten films by this deadline? Eeks.

So far I have watched eight of the ten with "The Hurt Locker" and "Inglourious Basterds" to go.

As I near the end, I thought I should jot down some of my opinions so far so my memories don’t get foggy. I’ll do this in alphabetical order so it doesn’t appear that I’m ranking before I’ve seen them all.

  1. Avatar – Pochantos in space. A pretty film, and that’s all it has going for it. Surprisingly, not that original. Acting was stale. It’s pretty bad when CGI characters have more life than the real people.
  2. The Blind Side – Sandra Bullock deserves her best actress nomination. A moving story, but again, these motivational sports stories all have the same formula. Best picture needs to be something unique. This is good, but not the best.
  3. District 9 – This definitely hasn’t been done before. It takes the documentary style and the idea of racist ghettos and applies it to aliens. Though sci-fi, it manages to give the biggest commentary on real-life human dynamics. Even those these aliens look nothing like humans, they seemed more realistic than the Na’vi in Avatar. They were more compelling too. I like that this film probably took hours and hours, but it looks so effortless and real, as though it really is a low-budget documentary. The only probelm – the idea on paper seems too out there, the film has some rather grotesque scenes and the issues hit far too close for comfort for the average person.I can see few missing the point of this one.
  4. An Education – My personal favorite. I’m a sucker for the British, music, romance and literary allusions. This is a British film, so I don’t think many saw it, which is a pity because the cast of mostly newcomers are all brilliant at acting. The style of the film is simply beautiful and for something based off of a memoir, it is uncanny how well it can draw comparisons to "Jane Eyre." I loved the awkwardness of the relationships, the unfolding of the problems, and the happy ending that was a complete twist from what you originally start out rooting for, but absolutely perfect to drive home the message. This film stress not only the importance of an academic education, but also an education in living life. So subtle, but so perfect. I’m buying this one on DVD.
  5. The Hurt Lockerstill need to watch
  6. Inglourious Basterds – still need to watch
  7. Precious: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire – This will probably win for best picture even though it wouldn’t have been my personal pick. It is a good film and it has the recipe for what the Academy tends to choose in its best picture. The young heroine battles physical and sexual abuse, academic and economic disadvantages and racism. The main actress is new to the scene and she does a good job looking downcast the entire film. The only reason I’m not rooting for this one is because I crave originality in a best pic and the extreme abuse story is nothing new.
  8. A Serious Man – Sorry Coen brothers, but your dark humor was lost on me in this one. Perhaps, I didn’t get it because I’m male, middle-age and most definitely am not Jewish and I don’t get the Jewish male expectation to become a ‘serious man’ or the other bajillion jokes about being Jewish. Not being able to relate to anything in this film just left me bored. I almost didn’t finish this one.
  9. Up – I really miss the days of cartoons and tend to scorn the "it" Pixar CGI flick of the year (Wall-E was a snoozefest, I’m sorry, but it’s true), but this one was pretty cute and well-done. Yeah, it is really cheesy, but it is a kids movie and the thing that really made this movie work was the montage to the main elderly male’s marriage and his pain that carries him through the rest of the film. This was the first time that actual human emotions came across to me in one of these CGI things and there were just so many other well-thought out connections. Excellent work.
  10. Up in the Air – I get why this is nominated, but I also hate why it is nominated. What a downer. The acting is good. But in the rough economic times, nobody wants to see a bittersweet film about how rough it really is. Also, why is Omaha the butt of all cinema joke? Omaha is a decent place. It is not a hell-hole. I like the ambiguous ending that let’s you draw your own conclusion, but that’s about all.

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