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The Killers Hiatus?

My poor beloved The Killers have probably been the most brutalized band in the history of the press.

Exhibit A: The "Best Album in 20 Years" quote debacle. The press backlash for the band’s cockiness was insane.

Exhibit B: Tiffs with the Bravery, Fall Out Boy, your mom…Ok, maybe Flowers didn’t slip up and insult your mom, but for awhile there, the band (well, Brandon) was telling everyone under the sun who he thought was the shit and who he thought was a piece of shit.

So jump ahead to now. The band has been together for over five years, they’ve already been one of the biggest bands in Europe and now quite possibly in the states. They’ve released three albums. a b-side album and a live DVD/CD. They’ve toppped end of the year decades as one of the best bands to remember. In short, they are a major success.

Yet, now the press and the internet has started the rumor mill. They’re breaking up. Flowers wants to go solo. Blah blah blah blah.

Ok. Yes, Killers guitarist Dave Keuning said that the Vegas glam-rockers’ Feb. 21 show in Melbourne will be their last—for a while, at least. But is that any reason to expect they’re done?

Let’s talk it out…

They’re Done:

  • Quitting while ahead. This way they’ll always be remembered as great and not for some flop record down the line.
  • Band tensions. There are two busses when this band tours. The party bus and the family bus. Perhaps the straight-lace boys were clashing too much with the party animals.
  • Live DVD was only made so they could say goodbye. The band lives on with the live DVD, though you’ll never see them live again.
  • Brandon really wants to go solo. Perhaps he realized there wouldn’t be enough room on stage for the rest of the band with his new shoulderpads.
  • No idea where to go next. They’ve done the dance album, then the americana rock followed by the final frontier of space rock. Now where to go? Quitsville.

They’ll Be Back:

  • Why stop now? They’re ahead of the game and selling out and playing major shows-hello Lollapalooza. Why stop when making lots of money?
  • Ummm. hello non-stop touring. Even my job gives me holidays and days off. Plus, poor Flowers just had a new kid in August that he’s hardly been able to spend time with. They are allowed some days off from recording and touring.
  • Promised covers album. 2009 was filled with interviews mentioning this, covers of Lauper, the Eagles, Fleet Foxes and Bright Eyes. They can’t back out on this now.
  • They just want a little absence to make the heart grow fonder. This break is just so that the people don’t get burnt out on Killers overload.
  • For as much as people call this band out for their egos, this is also a huge proponent in their favor. Why leave the scene when bent on world domination?
  • While I loved "Day and Age," it wasn’t as popular as the prior two, so I think the band is more apt to go out on a higher note. No way is that their final album.
  • Really? A solo Brandon? I love him, but I think not. He needs a band to counter his personality. No one would ever take him seriously solo. It isn’t like the Killers are the N*Sync to his JT. No, in this case, going solo does not make him cooler.
  • They love music, the band and their fans. If they were unhappy and thinking of quitting, would they have really just gotten thier social media act together? And more importantly, would they really have brought their fans the wonderful holiday tune "Zombie Hands?"

No, I can see why some might suspect a break, but I think this is just a perfectly normal and well-earned vacation before they’ll be back in the studio. In fact, I wouldn’t have even thought of this as a "break-up" or "hiatus" if other publications hadn’t interpreted it as such. Seriously, what does "indefinite hiatus" even mean if the band didn’t even say those words themselves?

No. They’ll be back. Because as the band says, "Don’t stop the dance."


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