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I’ve just started playing around with a bunch of new social media tools. One of which is this nifty site called HootSuite, which is going to make it a bajillion times easier to post to my thousands of accounts. Ergo, Naturally Sharp blog, I finally will have time for you again.

Yay updates again!

If you too are constantly logging in and out of several blogs, different twitter accounts and managing facebook pages, I highly recommend you check out HootSuite. Right now the only downside is that it only connects to just one of my wordpress blogs. Hopefully that will get updated, but it’s the newest feature.

A final note. This is my first update from email!


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  1. fjladgjvobujaosdvljas! I’m so excited that you will be updating again! This better not just be you teasing me, though. I really expect updates.

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