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Return to Updates / Living the Rock and Roll Life

I”m back and ready to write about my life again. For awhile, I was down and out and thought nobody would care about my ramblings, but then I remembered this is for me. I want to remember this turning point in my life as I transition from college to career. So that said, my return to blogging:


This weekend was like a scene out of Almost Famous.

Friday night, I found myself at a David Cook concert–you know, that guy who won “American Idol”? I might have lost some scene points by being at that, but I did bump into one of the guys from Saddle Creek who dropped some info on the DL about some of the label’s new signings that haven’t been announced. I won’t say names because this info is top secret for now, but one is an awesome group from Lincoln that I kind of figured SC would eventually sign. The other is from Canada and I had never heard of them, but considering the other Canadian imports have been some of the greatest additions to the SC roster, I’m sure this one will be no different.

Saturday was my first foray into the stereotypical Rock and Roll life: you know the whole sex, drugs and music image? Now I stayed a good girl, but my eyes were definitely opened. I hit up The Thermals concert @ The Slowdown. If you haven’t heard of these guys, check them out. Sure they sing a lot of songs about death and fascists and whatnot, which sounds depressing, but they are ridiculously upbeat. I also got to chill with these guys backstage and ask them a few questions. A full review and the interview will soon be up over at PopWreckoning.com. Now, while the show was good, there was some shit going down in the crowd that was quickly going bad. There were a few errant moshers and I turned around at one point to see this one guy shaking his finger at another. I turned around a second time and they were in a head lock. I turned around a third time and my friend Joel was breaking the fight up. Think this sounds crazy? Wait for the rest of my night, but first a pic of Kathy from the Thermals:

Like true rockstars, we went to the Orpheum apartments afte the show for a nap before further partying. Yes it was midnight and we were napping. We would need this energy for AFTERHOURS, aka crazy house party a Chris P.’s pad.

Now here is where my eyes were opened. I’ve been to house parties before, but nothing like this. In the backyard like thirty people were just chillaxin and drinking, despite it being freezing. So we went inside. A strobe light casting a tripy effect on the fan transformed the living room into a dance hall. Chris P. was over on some pro DJ equipment laying down some beats. People were already passed out on couches and others were already getting on each other right out in the open. I was a bit shocked, but chose to ignore some of that action and just dance with my friends. The dance floor was a blast. People were passing around candles (maybe not the brightest idea (no pun intended) around drunks, but they did look sweet in the lights. A little later, a total creepster was hitting on me, so my friend D. and I escaped upstairs to play with a cat. We were in a room with Panther, the cat, and a few guys came in and were disappointed that we didn’t have hard drugs. About then I decided, I should wrap up the evening (it was after 4:30 am, after all). I’m not naive and figured I’ve been in the vicinity of drugs before, but knowing that the guys in the basement had access to coke and shrooms made it just a little too real for me, so I bounced. This party was fun, but wild.

Turns out it wasn’t the only crazy party in Omaha last night. Today I went to visit my friend at the iconic Hotel Frank. This place is where a lot of Saddle Creekers got their start and is one of the few house venues in Omaha. It has gone under several names in the past and known for being a center of the arts…and of parties. So I guess Saturday night, some guys got a little crazy with red paint and turned the place into a war zone. They threw bottles and furniture down the stairs and despite broken glass being everywhere, they wrestled in the paint in the dark. Eventually my friend tried to kick these people out and put a stop to the vandalism, but a fight broke out. The paint was all contained in the West Wing of the House. Apparently, Middle House had no idea this action was happening and just continued their separate dance parties. The place is a little cleaned up now, but it still looks like a war zone. Just look at this cellphone picture. With red on the couch and red hand prints on the wall, it looks like somebody died…maybe they did? Who knows? This place is crazy:

And to think that people think Omaha is boring…


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