Getting Back to the Get Up Kids

Don’t be mad at me dear reader. I didn’t mean to leave you hanging for so long, but my life has been filled with tons of exciting music events (and also tons of not-so-exciting-homework days. ugh).

When I last left you, I wrote I had gone to the Kansas City Get Up Kids reunion show. There was a weird way they were handing out tickets, but I was fortunate enough to get a good number that put me in the front row!

The opening set was forgettable, so I won’t bother writing about it. I mostly just wanted to hear from the Get Up Kids and they did not disappoint. They played Something to Write Home About in its entirety and a killer six song encore.

I managed to snag a few videos from the show on my camera. Here’s “My Apologies”:

Now as epic as the show was, there were a few things that made me happier than the music: 1. The band was so happy and getting along. They were excited to be there, which is refreshing because their last year together had a lot of tension.

2. The band posted my videos on their MySpace! I feel pretty VIP about that, so be sure to check out their page here: Get Up Kids on MySpace.

3. I met this pro photographer who I will further explain later in this entry.

Now, just when I thought the Get Up Kids excitement was over, I found myself in Omaha checking out one of my favorite Kansas City bands, The Republic Tigers, and as a last minute addition, The Roman Numeralsopened. Now the Roman Numerals feature none other than the very same drummer as the Get Up Kids. Exciting, I know. Even more exciting was when the band was stumped as to what to play for an encore and I was able to provide the suggestion. Their guitarist was really shocked I could name so many of their other songs and talked to me about it after the show. I love being so knowledgeable, haha.

As I mentioned, the photographer I met would come into play later. He was also at this show and since he remembered me, we got to talking. This was a great opportunity for me because he gave me lots of tips, which as an aspiring photographer, were invaluable. It was cool to get to question somebody about how they got a gig following a band around on tour and shooting for a newspaper.

I’ve gone to a few other shows since these, but since I built up the Get Up Kids show so much, I felt it important to not leave my readers waiting with baited breath for my update.


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