Halloween at the Disco

With Halloween fast approaching, I couldn’t resist sharing this adorable video from Las Vegas quartet Panic at the Disco.

If you didn’t notice their Beatles vibes before, they are pretty evident in not only PATD’s sound, but also the video style. This is easily something I could see happening one of the British band’s videos.

So check this video out. Even if you don’t like the song, you might become inspired by one of the costumes for your own haunting adventures.

Adorable, right?

So speaking of Vegas bands, I think we are all aware my favorite band is The Killers. I am very pleased to announce that I will get to see them for a sixth time in January!!!! Granted, I have to drive to Denver, so I hope the weather will be nice. Although, I’d drive through a blizzard I’m that excited. Did you see all the exclamation points?

Panic at the Disco: website | myspace


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