Cold War Kids – Palin Video

It’s time for yet another politics and music post.nss This time I have a little treat from one of my favorite indie rock bands, The Cold War Kids.

They just released a new album not too long ago and their first single is a raucous, catchy song called, “Something is Not Right With Me.” Now, this song already has an awesome official video, but these boys seemed to think there were some images that might better capture the idea of the song. So, they made another video. This time they filled it with Sarah Palin images. Oh, and if you couldn’t figure it out from the song title, this is not a homage to Palin.

Check it out:

It kind of reminds me of the video Against Me! made for “From Her Lips to God’s Ears” with a video about Condoleezza Rice.

I love election years. Bands seem to get really creative because of them.

Cold War Kids: website | myspace


One Response

  1. This video was really interesting. I like the kaleidoscope effect.

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