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Obama’s First Music Mishap

For the first time, or at least what I perceive to be the first time, music seems to be working against Barack Obama.

Sure, we’ve loved his campaign songs and musicians basically throw themselves at his feet. There’s been no cease and desists for him like there have been for for his opponent, John McCain. And who could forget the hilarious Barack Roll videos? Those owned.

There’s finally a song that maybe working against Obama:

Yes, those cute adorable children singing songs about change are Obama supporters. So, I’m sure it is equally apparent that this was made to support the man, not hurt him.

However, the problem with a video like this and the reason why it is causing an internet uproar is that it seems like these kids are being brainwashed. Jesus Camp, anyone? They aren’t old enough to vote or really have an opinion. They are just blindingly following what their parents are telling them to follow.

You might be saying, “big deal,” but people are upset. As for me, I’m just upset because the video to me seems surprisingly right wing, which isn’t what I think Obama supporters should be going for. Again, am I the only one who saw Jesus Camp?


One Response

  1. eeee, that is kinda creepy. partly because those little kids have the most cartoon-charactery voices ever…
    yeah, i see the jesus camp connection. noooo bueno.

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