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The Killers – “Human”

I listen to a lot of music and so it is easy for me into a band one day and ready to toss their album out with the trash the next. However, there is one band I have been a consistently loyal listener to and that I will likely defend to my dying day. That band is the Killers.

It seems like fans of this band are usually very divided. There are the hardcore fans of Hot Fuss, which featured synth heavy tracks and ambiguous Morrissey-like lyrics for all those nostalgic fans of the 80s. Then there was anthemic Sam’s Town that played like a Bruce Springsteen album.

I loved both and thought they both highlighted different strengths of the band. As the bass player once pointed out, Hot Fuss was the glitz and glamour that one might see on a first time visit to Vegas. At times, you get so caught up in the lights, you miss the grit and dark undercurrents. Sam’s Town looked at the people and told their individual stories. It wasn’t as glammed up as the debut album, but the wholesomeness was more true to the people who had stories to share.

Often overlooked is the band’s b-side album, which features a Stuart Priceremix of their radio hit “Mr. Brightside.” I feel any band who can release something where even the afterthought songs are good is band worth taking note of, ergo, my continued love.

Stuart Price or the Thin White Duke is currently producing the band’s third studio album Day & Age, which is expected to hit stores November 25. That’s pretty far away for a fan as impatient as I am, so fortunately, I got to hear the first single “Human” this week.

“Human” has me falling off my chair excited for this new album. It is apparent that Stuart Price was involved because “Human” has some similar elements as his “Mr. Brightside” remix. In fact, the song almost already sounds like a remix.

Another expected Day & Age song “Neon Tiger”:

At first listen, I was disappointed because as much as I love the dance sound of the Killers, I also think they have some of the best musicians you’ll find in modern rock, especially if you listen to drummer Ronnie Vannucci. However, when programmed beats are used as they are on “Human,” it can be hard to pick out the real drummer.

Some might argue this takes away from the soul of a song and I usually am inclined to agree, but in this case, I think it instead allows singer Brandon Flowers to stand out on his own. With each album this guy has been improving. His vocals made me cry on the acoustic version of “Sam’s Town.” Now while I’m not in tears from “Human,” I’m still very impressed by Flowers’ passion.

I knew this song was brilliant when I heard, “Close your eyes. Clear your heart. Cut the cord,” which is not only beautiful and alliterative, but “cord” can also be heard as “chord.” Brilliant! 

So, while I don’t know if “are we human or are we dancers,” I do know this song is great and I can only imagine how much bigger and more evolved this album will be from their previous releases.

Huzza for new Killers!

[odeo http://odeo.com/episodes/23389848-The-Killers-www-soundfiends-com-Human-New-Single-Prod-Stuart-Price-320KBPS]


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