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Nightmare of You with The Graduate, Paper Rival and Edison Glass

The last time the Long Island indie rock group, Nightmare of You, was in Kansas City they played to a crowd of 2,500 goth kids who were too busy checking the status of their eye makeup, while anticipating the set from headliners A.F.I. to really care about the performance of the Smiths sounding group of Nightmare of You.  This time, the crowd was significantly smaller and more clean cut, but the most important difference was that the crowd was more receptive to the band’s music.  Mainstreet Cafe proved itself to be the perfect venue for these guys to headline with its intimate size making it easy for the band to take requests and interact with the audience.

Edison Glass, Paper Rival and the Graduate opened, and the Graduate showed why they have been getting so much buzz in the past year.  They had the harmonies and the instrumental chops to do what the other openers fell just short of and they properly warmed up the crowd for the headliner.

Nightmare of You meekly took the stage with lead singer Brandon Reilly apologizing early in the show for his voice, which has been causing him some pain since a node was found on his vocal chords.  However, he easily delivered all of the band’s singles without wavering.  The band had a rocky start as they delivered their early single “The Days Go by Oh So Slow” with little energy.  It got the crowd moving, but didn’t show any movement from the band.  As they got more into their set, the band loosened up and started moving with the crowd.  Consequently, their set improved as the night went on.

All the hits were there and a few surprises.  It was evident, which songs where the band’s favorites as they played “I Was Never a Normal Boy” with more emotion than crowd-pleaser “My Name Is Trouble”.  The only member who consistently looked like he was into every song was the drummer, Michael Fleischmann.  Despite the inconsistincies in energy and emotion, the band sounded just as good live, if not better, than their studio recordings.

And as is to be expected from a group whom titled their ep, “Bang”, they ended with one.  In a spectacular finish, all the guys grabbed a drum and banged away before breaking down into a cover of the Beatles’ “I Want You”.

Look for the band’s second studio album due out later this year on the Bevonshire Label.

To check out all the bands go here:
Nightmare of You
The Graduate
Paper Rival
Edison Glass


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