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I should be studying for finals, but instead I’m posting this…

Neva Dinova, an indie rock group from Omaha, Neb., recently posted a link on their myspace (http://www.myspace.com/nevadinova) to their new video ‘Clouds’ off their latest Saddle Creek release, You May Already Be Dreaming. This is one of their strongest releases to date with their big guitar riffs, Jake Bellows’ soothing vocals and even the album package is really cool to look at, so you should probably go out and buy it.

‘Clouds’ is easily the strongest song on the album, so it was the obvious choice for a music video. The video was shot in Omaha with Rob Walters as the director. The story features the band jamming on stage, but as some creepy wind starts forming, the crowd starts to get a little freaked out (It is a shame that it is a little similar to another video by another Saddle Creek artist, Bright Eyes).

Let’s just say that when Bellows rips into his final guitar riff, it is ‘scary’ good.

Two fun things to watch out for: (1) I’m an extra. You can best see me around 1:37 and (2) If you pay extra close attention you might be able to glimpse the Good Life’s Ryan Fox. He’s an extra, too.Vodpod videos no longer available.

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